Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants, Garden Fairies & Gnomes

Garden Statues: cecily m barker fairies, garden fairies, gnomes, old world santas
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Plants List: Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Plants, Garden Statues, Fairies, Gnomes, Episcias, Begonias, Violets, tropical plants
Victoria Sign of the Dove: Flowering Plants, Garden Statues, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Flower Fairies, Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts, Episcias, Begonias, Violets
Episcias and African Violets

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Episicas: Witches Kiss Episcia
Episcias are a member of the Gesneriad family; also known as Flame Violets. They are grown for their attractive colored foliage ranging from green and silver to pink, white and green. Varieties such as Cleopatra, Tropical Topaz, Pink Brocade grow and flower better in containers as this produces more humidity. Flowers are bright red to red orange, pink, blue and yellow. Some of your more colorful varieties are Pink Panther, Pink Acajou, Showtime and Strawberry Patch. Victoria's also offers Episcia Pink Brocade, Variegated Episcias, Lipstaick Plants and African Violets.

Lipstick Plants: Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant
Chirita are a member of the Gesneriad family. Botanical name Aeschynanthus. They are usually grown in hanging baskets. Lipstick plants produce beautiful tubular flowers in red, red-orange and yellow. One of the most beautiful of the Lipstick Plants is Mona Lisa.

African Violets make ideal house plants.
African Violets Botanical name Saintpaulias, are widely cultivated as house plants. There are many different leaf and flower types. They are classified as Standard, Trailing, Semi miniatures, minatures. African Violets have a variety of colored flowers- pinks, yellows, multi-colored, blue, lavender and red. They make ideal house plants.
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