Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants, Garden Fairies & Gnomes

Garden Statues: cecily m barker fairies, garden fairies, gnomes, old world santas
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Plants List: Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Plants, Garden Statues, Fairies, Gnomes, Episcias, Begonias, Violets, tropical plants
Victoria Sign of the Dove: Flowering Plants, Garden Statues, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Flower Fairies, Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts, Episcias, Begonias, Violets
Garden Gnomes &
Fairy Figurines

Garden Fairies and Gnomes shown have been painted by Victoria using her own Artistic Style making her works unique! Using her own blend of paints, technique and creative ability to bring these pieces to Life.

No-One can Duplicate the Care and Quality of These Pieces!

Please Allow 2 Weeks for Hand Preparation and Shipping

All outdoor garden figurines (gnomes, fairies) are painted in a combination of bases and paints and sealers that tenaciously resists wear and erosion!
These figurines are highly tolerant to weather conditions such as snow, rain, heat and cold.

The Dream Catcher
Hush, hush my little dear,
did something scare you in your dreams?
Is that what woke you from your sleep?
It really isn't what it seems

I'll tell you a story of long ago
when magic ruled the land of night.
Dragons and monsters were everywhere
and every dream brought tears of fright!

She was a Fairy, old and wise,
and in her hand was spindle and thread,
to weave the nets that catch bad dreams
when placed beside the dreamers bed.

Now, when children close their eyes,
and drift away to fun and play
bad dreams cannot come through the net
the Dream Catcher is in their way!

So Close your eyes and dream your dreams
and fly with angels in the sky.
Your Fairy has a net for you,
to all bad dreams, Goodbye!
Victoria's Sign of the Dove
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Victoria's Sign of the Dove Accepts all Major Credit Cards
Victoria's Sign of the Dove accepts all major credit cards