Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants, Garden Fairies & Gnomes

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Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Plants List: Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Plants, Garden Statues, Fairies, Gnomes, Episcias, Begonias, Violets, tropical plants
Victoria Sign of the Dove: Flowering Plants, Garden Statues, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Flower Fairies, Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts, Episcias, Begonias, Violets
Hoyas Plants

Tropical Plants

Victoria's Rare and Beautiful Flowering Plants

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Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Rubia Hoya
Rubia Hoya
Green and White Leaves
Hoyas are $5.95
Per Plant

Cuttings are $2.00

Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Does not guarantee cuttings.
Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Carnosa
Carnosa Hoya

Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Rope Hoya
Rope Hoya
Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Min Mini Lacunosa
Mini Mini Lacunosa
Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Hoya Bilboa
Hoya Bilboa
Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Fishtail Hoya
Fishtail Hoya

We offer Hoya Bella, Hoya Carnosa, the Hindu Rope Hoya and the beautiful Variegated Hindu Rope Hoya.
Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Bilobata
Bilobata Hoya

Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Sulawesii Hoya
Sulawesii Hoya

Tropical Plants: Hoyas: Kentiana Hoya
Kentiana Hoya

Begonias: variegated hindu rope
Variegated Hindu Rope
Begonias: Hoya Australis
Hoya Australis
Other Tropicals: Hoya Mathilde  Variegated leaves  Yellow Flowers
Hoya Mathilde
Variegated Leaves
Yellow Flowers

Hoya Plants

Hoya Plants, also the wax plant, require bright light, however not direct sunlight. Soil should be permitted to dry out before watering.

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Victoria's Sign of the Dove accepts all major credit cards