Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants, Garden Fairies & Gnomes

Garden Statues: cecily m barker fairies, garden fairies, gnomes, old world santas
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Gifts by Victoria's Sign of the Dove
Plants List: Episcias, Begonias, Tropical Plants
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Plants, Garden Statues, Fairies, Gnomes, Episcias, Begonias, Violets, tropical plants
Victoria Sign of the Dove: Flowering Plants, Garden Statues, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts
Victoria's Sign of the Dove: Flower Fairies, Garden Statues, Flowering Plants, Gifts, Episcias, Begonias, Violets

Victoria's reputation for integrity and quality can be found in these recommendations from on-line customers. You will find no 'disclaimers', or 'no-fault' statements on any products from Victoria's. This is the one site that assures quality, concern and service. THAT is our promise to you!

Hi Victoria,
The three plants that I purchased from you are doing just fine. I especially love the black orchid with the pink stripe. It had a beautiful flower a few months ago, and now is developing another stem off of the main stem. I am now looking for a low-light tropical plant that will grow to about four to five feet in height. Do you have anything like that?? Judy parrot@mich.com

Subject: Thank you I wanted to let you know that I received the Russian Old World Santa I ordered. It is beautiful. The craftsmanship that went into it is extraordinary. I will take great pride and pleasure in giving him for a Christmas present. He will be going to a very special home. I will be Sorry to see him go. I would be happy to recommend your beautiful product to anyone. Thank you again. Sharon Mihalik (Mistheo@aol.com)

Subject: Hello, fellow fairy Hi, my name is amanda. I am a fairy, and a collector of fairy friends. I wanted to tell you that your creations are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Glad I stumbled upon your page. Keep up the amazing work! MsPanda@aol.com

Hello Victoria, I just wanted to say the flowers all doing great, except for Strawberry shortcake--it died. I kept thinking it would come back but no chance. the others seem very healthy and seem to like the window I have them in. thank you again. I really love them. they'll make the winter go faster. Peggy Sahlman

Hi Victoria, I received the plants that you sent me today. They look fine and healthy. Thank you for the free plant. Please send me growing instructions for all three plants. The orchid does not look like any of my other 3 orchids. Does it like sun or shade? Thanks again, Judy

( From Australia!)
Blanche thank you for forwarding your new address. The fairy you sent has not shifted from where I placed it up the street in the middle of her main flower bed. Someone has added a wee headstone beside it so I think we can safely say that it was much appreciated and the colours you chose helped. Thanks Helen (blakeley@blakeley.com.au)

Hi, I love your website. One day I will buy fairies and gnomes. But, for now, just wanted to let you know. I have a blooming Black Jewel Orchid (about 12 blossoms on a tall stalk) and a blooming Episcia (Chocolate Cream, I believe). All else are well, except the Looking Glass Begonia, it did not make it. Thank you again. I am a happy gardener. Sincerely, Sue

Dear Blanche:
Thank you for letting me know about your move. I want to ordered a couple of plants or more. I am entering Chocolate Cream in the fair. It is still little but it is really cool. It has a lot of runners and a lot of blooms. They have an exotic plant category and I think it well probably be the only episcia there. Good luck with your move and I will be looking forward to seeing you on the Internet.....................Lori O.

Blanche: These are the three Episcias I gave to my mom. You can see they are in good hands. She has a bloom and another blossom on the same plant. I gave her the Emerald Queen, Frost Emerald and Tiger Stripe. That is what is in this pot; all three in same large pot. They have grown tremendously since she got them. Thank you again. I am also sending photo of the other three - Chocolate Cream, Fanny Hague and Pink Panther. Nancy rnhustus@agate.net

Dear Blanch:
I received the plants in good condition on Tuesday. Many thanks for completing the order and also for the gift plants. What a lovely surprise. I am pleased with Alice's Aussie: it's a gorgeous red, isn't it? It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I hope to purchase more Episcias in the future, after I determine my success with these. Thanks again, Geraldine Kennedy (happi@pdq.net)

Just like to acknowledge your order recently we received here in the UK. A Very Very nice product and very detailed painting excellent in fact. Will be buying something else from you again soon. Regards Steve and Brenda (steve465@lineone.net)

Blanche I received the plants today. They are wonderful. What bundles of joy. I have been trying to find Episcias for so long. I had two Chocolate soldiers and I think that I loved them to death. So I really appreciate the info on their care. I couldn't believe how much care you took preparing them for their long journey . they got here in great shape. Last but not least. Thanks so much for the free gift Lori Ortiz

Hi Blanche': My order came this morning and I couldn't be happier with it. All of the fairies are beautiful and so detailed! I have shared your website with the members of my gardening E-Group, 3 of whom have said they will order from you. I intend to inform my friends and family so they won't have to worry about what to get me for my birthday and Christmas anymore. You offer a very good quality product. Susan Armour clampett@premier1.net

The package arrived today and the fairies are in one piece (each). Mary Beth likes them very much. I appreciate your getting them to us in good time before Easter. Thanks Again and I look forward to seeing your new ones around Mothers Day. Bill ( wbbarber@neo.rr.com )

I recently ordered a garden gnome from you and want you to know how much I adore him! He is just what I wanted. Here is a photo of him at his new home. Although, he is not quite standing in his permanent place yet as I am cleaning up the garden after a harsh winter. Happy Spring, Judith Gengler, Providence, Rhode Island PS I sent 2 photos, he's so cute.

I just received the angel. I do not know what to say; she is beautiful. She tells a story. Her eyes just look right at you. by: Elizabeth Rodriguez, New Jersey

I am sorry that I have not been able to write you sooner. We did receive the gnome and he loved it. I thought that is was painted beautifully. Thanks again for your time and concern, Karen karen069@bellsouth.net

Blanch, Thank you so much. These little flowers are so sweet and inspire such imagination. Perfect for my daughter's room. I will be in touch again, soon. Warm regards, ~Michelle mdube@RC.com

Hi, I just wanted you to know that I received the gnome. It's perfect and my husband was thrilled. Thank you so much. Lori lhguillory@yahoo.com

Hello Blanche: The Post Office just delivered my order!! Everything looks just wonderful. May I take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your diligence and concern. I sincerely wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year! Thanks again, Sincerely, Dave (dlavonie@twcny.rr.com)

Good Morning, I received my order yesterday. He is beautiful. Thank you very much. I'm sure my boss will enjoy Santa. Cookie Nieves e-mail: cookie.nieves@nypro.com mailto:Cookie.Elder@Nypro.com

Hi Blanch: I received the Ga Man today, and I want to let you know we think he is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! He truly is like the original "ga man" of thirty years ago (meaning not plastic, and freshly painted). Once again, thank you so very much. My son will love it in their garden, and I know his kids will love it too! Please feel free to use my name (or email) for any references or recommendations anytime. Keep in touch if you should develop any new lines. Your work was of outstanding quality, and I can tell you put a lot of love into it. Thanks once again, Mary Colvin Stretchberry

Blanche: Don't worry about the Moonlight Valley. I am tickled with the plants as they are and I am glad that you are keeping my order for next year. I have the plants in an enclosure as I write this with a plant light to give them a little umph. The weather has turned a little cold right now but then it is to warm up in a few days. I love doing business with you and you can count on me as a yearly customer. You have excellent plants and I am very pleased with what I got. I don't mind the wait one bit. It was worth it. Thanks so much. Mary Beth mbtanner@wyoming.com

Hi Blanche, I just wanted you to know that I did receive my aroma lamp and you were right....I love it ! Thanks for the suggestion. It fits right in with my magnolia decor. It is absolutely eloquent-just as you said it was. Will continue to shop your site...Have a great weekend. With warm regards, Clair Millet

Hi Blanche! Sorry to get back to you with such delay. Yes! We've received the gnomes as of Monday, July 10, 2000. They actually probably arrived sooner, but please take into account that we were on vacation from June 29 - July 9, and had our mail delivery stopped for that time period. Anyway, we were delighted with the gnomes, particularly my father (whom they were for). Thank you so much for your efforts toward making these lovely. We will definitely contact you in the future when we wish to purchase a few for our own garden. They were just brilliant! Thanks again! Mrs. Jennifer Piesik (jpiesik@aol.com)

Hello Blanche, We were moving, so I had no phone or computer access till today. I am so please with the health and size of the plants. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you so much! Dory azuredragon@prodigy.net

Hi Blanche, The episcias are doing great & growing well. The new stuff looks great. I look forward to placing another order in the near future. You are the best seller I have ever purchased from online and your plants are the healthiest. Be shopping soon, health & happiness, Dory azuredragon@prodigy.net

Thank you Ms. Blanche. My begonias and espiscias are doing lovely. Thank you for sharing. Judy@esper.com

Hello Blanche,I have just completed my coursework in midlight and am about to go to bed. I have just visited your web site and find out that it has some new features. Your web site becomes more and more attractive. Luke@firebirdkabc.net

The first thing that pops into my head looking at your old world Santas is "Hey--you're selling them too cheap!" Obviously I'm a fellow artist instead of a customer or I'd never say such a thing. Best, Kevin Tuma

I have been buying plants and other items-the aroma lamps etc.-from Blanche for over a year now.Her plants are always well-packed and arrive intact and in good condition and don't die off two days after you get them.The porcelain items she makes are beautiful and well-done--very delicate and well-formed. She is very good to deal with -helpful and willing to work with you -and lots of fun too BTW E-Mail entoni1@iapdatacom.net

I'm a Santa collector. Right now my collection exceeds 600 Santas from all over the world. As happens with collectors, you seem to have a number of favorites. Most of my favorites happen to come from Blanche Victoria. Her Santas seem to be more than painted ceramic. They evoke memories and emotions. I would never hesitate to add another of her works. gordon aka gentle_way

Items as described. well packed. would do again! Hidie

I have 4 Santas, and 1 gnome from Victoria's that protect my Plants and Tropicals . These are not only beautiful figures, but marvelous conversation pieces when company comes, and, my plants have never looked so wonderful. B. Weatherman (earlcrba@hotmail.com)  
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